The material mashes the Homo.

He squirms taken from his fears,

the body (is) alone to bear so much weight.

The strength of a body.

The strength of a soul.

Here is the comparison with own fears…

Cold colors,

of that blue-gray and paleness of

a body almost died

let see a glimpse of pink

that brings back Homo.

Curved lines that close: all inside,

all outside.

Curved lines that give back

the movement of a contracted body,

but alive.

Alone. Damn alone.

And yet accompanied by his pains,

put there naked facing the viewer.

Say, that’s what we are.

If we put off the mask,

the masks,

that’s what we are.

Beings made of a body of flesh that

feels, suffers, lives.

A naked body facing the pain…

A body and a Being that inquire


Therefore, what’s happened?

What’s happened when we are

facing ourselves?

The dense material background

is loaded of a known heavy.

Now, who support this heavy is

a big body

that maybe by closing

himself he find more strength

to support that outside.

Or that inside.

A work maked with primary colors

put on a traditionally primed canvas,

brings back the idea of something maked with

everything of himself,

with own inside and with own outside.

Kinira Monica Carbone