Carlo AlbertoPalumbo

Naples 1976

Passionate to the ancient painting practices, drawing and anatomy, in 1997 he graduated at the High School of Art in Naples. Then, in 2003 he received the Master’s Degree in Painting (MFA) at the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples.

From 2005 to 2015 he is master of  Drawing from life, Artistic anatomy and Painting at the In Form of Art, where are proposed the traditional ancients methods of the artistic teaching derived from the ancient Italian workshops (in Italian language “Botteghe”) of XV and XVI centuries and from the Academies of XVIII e XIX centuries.

From October 2015 he is professor of  Drawing from life, Artistic anatomy, Painting techniques and Painting at G.B. Tiepolo Academy of Fine Arts in Udine.

In his artistic activity he participates to many international exhibitions and prices.

In 2004 was one of the finalists of the Premio Arte 2004.

In 2007 was one of the winners of the international Arte Laguna Prize.

In 2008 he participate to Kitsch Biennale 2008 of Munich. In the same year some of his works were showed at London and Budapest where he obtained the title of Artis Laudabilis from E.A.C.O.

Again in 2008 he was one of the selected artists of the Premio Celeste.

In 2009 he held the double solo exhibition Tra Sogno e Alchimia (Between Dream and Alchemy) at the Civic Contemporary Art Gallery “Giovanni da Gaeta” where he showed the cycle of paintings The Midsummer Night’s Dream inspired by Shakespeare’s work.

In 2011 he was selected as one of the best Italian artists in the last ten years of the Academies of Fine Arts and takes part to the 54° Biennale di Venezia with the painting Morrigan (a five-meter oil on canvas) at the Italian Pavilion.

In 2012 he held the solo exhibition LUX – Percorsi di luce (Ways of light) at the Castel Nuovo of Naples, the solo exhibition SOGNO at the Carlo Gesualdo Theatre of Avellino and the group exhibition NINAnuova immagine napoletana (new Neapolitan image) at the PAN – Palazzo delle Arti di Napoli.

From 2013 to 2015 he is finalist in Figurative Category at International ARC Salon, winning in 2013 the Chairman’s Choice Award with the painting Reborn.

In 2015 he held the solo exhibition AMA at the Civic Contemporary Art Gallery “Giovanni da Gaeta”.

In 2016, selected in International Artist Grand Prize Competition, he exhibit at Art Revolution Taipei 2016 winning the participation in 2017 Art Revolution Taipei (A.R.T).

From 2017 to 2020 he is invited to participate at Art Revolution Taipei.

 In 2020 he is selected with the painting Nie sollst Du mich Befragen! (The swan knight) in the painting contest LOHENGRIN promoted by MEAM – European Museum of Modern Art and by Club Wagner to exhibit in Barcelona at the Grand Theater of Liceu during the worldwide inauguration of the new production of Lohengrin, directed by Katharina Wagner, great-granddaughter of the composer, and subsequently at MEAM.

In 2021 his painting Nie sollst Du mich Befragen! (The swan knight) becomes parts of MEAM permanent collection.

His works are presents in private collections in Europe, America, Asia and Australia

He lives and works in Udine.