Annually, the G. B. Tiepolo Academy of Fine Arts in Udine proposes the free school of the nude among the educational offers for those who do not attend degree courses.

The course includes the study of human anatomy understood in a geometric-structural key alongside the work of drawing from life of the living model.

The study of the living model, faced through the knowledge of the main anatomical dynamics, allows to understand and represent with deep awareness the multiple declinations of the human figure.

Each meeting includes a frontal lesson in anatomical drawing followed by a laboratory phase of drawing with a living model and relative correction of the drawings.

The aim of the course is to achieve a solid knowledge of anatomical drawing and drawing from life, which are essential in order to reach full maturity in the field of visual arts.



  • The drawing from life – geometry, shape and chiaroscuro
  • Introduction to anatomy
  • Principles of osteology (rules and general dynamics for the structuring of the osteological figure)
  • Osteology (axial and appendicular skeleton investigated in every element)
  • Dynamic lines and joints
  • Principles of myology (skeletal and mimic muscles, basic types and mechanics)
  • Myology (function and volumetric development of superficial and major deep muscles)
  • External morphology (bone and muscle evidence in external morphology, landmarks)
  • Work with the living model

Total hours: 50



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